Why Do Dishes Have Water Spots?

Posted on May 9, 2017 by BlueMountain

You bought a dishwasher to help you clean the dishes, but what if it’s making them worse? Hard water can cause blemishes and water spots to form on your glasses and plates. And while these stains may be stubborn, they’re certainly not invincible. Follow these steps and soon enough you’ll be opening up your dishwasher […]

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How To Hide The Condenser In Your Yard

Posted on May 4, 2017 by BlueMountain

Your AC unit can be quite the eyesore to your beautiful outdoor landscape. With the summer quickly approaching, an air conditioner is necessary, but that doesn’t mean it has to be in plain sight. There are plenty of ways to hide, mask, conceal, and block the unit. Fence it in. One of the most common […]

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How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your AC Unit

Posted on April 27, 2017 by BlueMountain

The average lifespan for most HVAC systems is only 10 to 15 years. With spring here and the summer quickly approaching, it’s beneficial to learn how to increase their efficiency and prevent any repairs. Here are four tips to keep the air flowing in your home for years to come. Get a load calculation. Having […]

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Handwashing Tips for Kids

Posted on April 20, 2017 by BlueMountain

Twenty-two million school days are lost each year due to illnesses from kids not washing their hands. Almost 51 percent of cold and flu viruses can be killed if they properly wash their hands at least three times a day. With that being said, since Earth Day is around the corner, we’re celebrating by sharing […]

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Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Posted on April 7, 2017 by BlueMountain

Dust mites, pollen, animal dander — it’s all right there in the air, not to mention your bath towels, bedding, and furniture. What’s the most effective way to eliminate these contaminants and reduce your home’s air pollution? Get ready to take a deep, clean, and fresh breath of indoor air when you follow these top […]

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Leaks To Look Out For

Posted on March 23, 2017 by BlueMountain

Your home is a significant source of water waste; leaks from pipes and plumbing fixtures have been shown to waste 2,000 to 20,000 gallons of water per year. So before they cause major problems to the environment and your wallet, make sure to find and fix any minor drip. Here are a few common household […]

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