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Backflow Testing Harrisonburg, Waynesboro, & Staunton Virginia

Did you know that Virginia Law requires backflow prevention devices to be tested and certified annually? This annual test is required to safeguard against waste water flowing backwards through the plumbing supply chain, contaminating water that is for public use. Blue Mountain Plumbing is a state-certified backflow tester for this yearly service and certification.

What is Backflow Testing?

Backflow testing is an inspection of your home’s or business’s backflow prevention mechanics, sometimes called RPZ devices. The test, which must be performed by a certified backflow tester, covers a number of inspection points in order to guarantee that your backflow device is working correctly.

During the backflow test all of the system’s components, including the valves, springs, pipes, enclosures and regulators are checked to ensure that they are in good working condition and functioning properly. As with any plumbing mechanism, parts wear down over time and may need to be repaired or replaced. Backflow testing identifies those needs. If any parts are found to have problems, they are flagged and then repaired or replaced.

The backflow system as a whole is also tested to guarantee that all of the individual parts are operating together to prevent the backflow of contaminated waters into the public water supply. Again, if any issues are detected with the overall operation of the mechanics they will be repaired in order to safeguard against backflow issues.

Once the backflow test is completed, and no problems are found, you will receive a certificate stating that your backflow mechanism is in working order. This certificate is valid for 12 months.