You bought a dishwasher to help you clean the dishes, but what if it’s making them worse? Hard water can cause blemishes and water spots to form on your glasses and plates. And while these stains may be stubborn, they’re certainly not invincible. Follow these steps and soon enough you’ll be opening up your dishwasher door to pristine dishes again.

1.Use less detergent. Unlike the stains caused by hard water, the water spots caused by using too much detergent makes your dishes look dirty. If using a bit less than normal still doesn’t do the trick, move on to number two.

2.Try a different detergent. Sometimes, it’s not the amount of soap, it’s the type of soap! If the source of the problem is hard water, there are plenty of detergents specifically designed to help.

3.Turn your temperature on a higher setting. The cooler the water, the less it evaporates, which makes it easy for soap or mineral deposits to appear. Use hot water to prevent this from happening.

4.Consider a water softener. A water softener works by trapping calcium and magnesium (the minerals responsible for your hard water spots), which produces cleaner water. This is a more permanent solution, requiring a professional to install.

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