3 Reasons Pipes Freeze

Posted on October 19th, 2016 by BlueMountain

The number one plumbing concern for homeowners? Frozen pipes.

Usually when the temperatures drop you reach for the faucet and let it trickle at night. But there is so much more you can do to prevent such a disaster, and the number one thing to do is understand why your pipes freeze. We’ve got your top 3 answers here:

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Reason #1: They are exposed
Some pipes are more prone to freezing due to their location (or lack of an insulated location) in the home. Pipes are more at risk for freezing when:

  • Exposed pipes are in unheated areas
  • Pipes are located in the exterior walls
  • They are on the exterior of the home

Reason #2: you have air leaks
Ar leaks around your pipes allow cold air into your home where pipes are located. Even the tiniest opening can let in enough cold air to cause pipe freezing. Check for air leaks before winter arrives and seal them up tight.

Reason #3: Your pipes aren’t insulated
If you know you have pipes that could easily freeze in an unheated area of your home, take it upon yourself to wrap your pipes in insulation. That way, if your home isn’t warm, at least your pipes will stay protected.

Whether you’re heated south for the winter or you’re just looking to take preventative measures, ask your local plumber about insulated pipes. At Blue Mountain Plumbing Heating & Cooling, your safety and comfort is a priority to us. Whatever problem comes your way, we are ready to tackle it – be it a leaky pipe, a frozen one, or water heater complications. For more information on our services, Call 877-280-5777.

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