August is National Water Quality Month

Posted on August 10th, 2014 by BlueMountain

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At Blue Mountain, we understand the need to have access to clean water. Did you know that August is National Water Quality Month? In honor of this observance, below are some things you can do to preserve the quality of local water.

Avoid using antibacterial soaps or cleaning products with harmful chemicals
Don’t clean your driveway with a hose. Use a broom instead.
Medications of any kind should not be flushed down the toilet.
Dispose of oil or antifreeze at a recycling center.
Do not walk pets near waterways. Instead, walk pets in the grass and pick up after them.
You can also plant trees, coordinate a stream cleanup or adopt a watershed.

If you are still concerned about the water quality in your area, you can turn to the professional plumbers at Blue Mountain. We provide water softeners, water conditioners, whole house filtration and drinking water systems. Our goal is to provide you with clean, crisp water you’ll enjoy in cooking, cleaning and bathing. Call 877-280-5777 today to schedule an appointment.

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