Avoid These Household Plumbing Mistakes

Posted on September 4th, 2015 by BlueMountain

You don’t have to be a plumber to keep your home plumbing system in tip top shape. Nonetheless, homeowners make costly mistakes each year in regards to their plumbing systems. Below are some plumbing problems you’ll want to steer clear of.
Flushing Items Down the Toilet
The only items that should ever be flushed down the toilet are human waste and toilet paper. Flushing other objects down the toilet could result in a clogged toilet. If the object is large enough, it could get lodged in the toilet for good.
Putting Food Into The Garbage Disposal
After a long meal, you may be tempted to throw food scraps into the garbage disposal. It is important to remember that a garbage disposal will not break down food like a trash compactor can. Food can get stuck and keep the blades from turning. 
Putting Pressure on Plumbing Fixtures
Plumbing fixtures are under enough pressure as it is! Putting a shampoo rack on a showerhead could cause it to break. Clearly, you don’t want that to happen!
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