Twenty-two million school days are lost each year due to illnesses from kids not washing their hands. Almost 51 percent of cold and flu viruses can be killed if they properly wash their hands at least three times a day. With that being said, since Earth Day is around the corner, we’re celebrating by sharing some eco-friendly hand washing tips for your kids.

Why Is Handwashing Important?
Every object, animal, or person has germs – some more dangerous than others. Every germ a person comes in contact with stays on the surface of their skin and is transferred to every object that person touches thereafter. Because germs spread so quickly, just one person washing their hands could prevent a whole group of children from getting sick.

Handwashing Tips
Wash with warm water. Cold water is less effective at removing germs. However, kids can be burned easily if the water is too hot, so make sure your hot water supply does not go over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stretch it out. Research shows that in order to get rid of all germs, you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Kids leave the water running for less than five seconds. Have them lather their hands with soap and water, turn off the faucet, and then sing the ‘happy birthday’ song — twice — while they wash.

Use liquid soap. Bars of soap collect germs with each lather, and can spread each time someone else goes to wash their hands.

Dry with disposable towels. Instead of sharing a hand towel, you can prevent germs from growing and spreading by using disposable paper towels and tissues.

Your Kids Should Wash Their Hands After…

  • Playing outside.
  • Touching other people or animals (including family pets).
  • Using the bathroom.
  • Before eating or touching food.
  • After blowing your nose or coughing.

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