Do you spend most of your time in the kitchen? If so, think about how often you use the garbage disposal. Throughout the course of the day, it really starts to add up. Below are some tips that will keep your garbage disposal in tip top shape!

  • If your garbage disposal starts to malfunction for any reason, turn it off immediately.
  • Stinky sink? Don’t worry, you can freshen things up! Pour hot warm into the garbage disposal and add small pieces of lemon as well. That should clear the air!
  • You should also clean your garbage disposal every so often. Just put ice cubes and a cup of rock salt into the garbage and run it for a little bit.
  • Putting vinegar ice cubes into the garbage disposal each week can keep it in good working order.
  • Untangle any loose fibers that are caught on the garbage disposal’s blade. You can do this by using the wrench that came with the garbage disposal.

If you are experiencing trouble with your garbage disposal, don’t fret. Our professional plumbers here at Blue Mountain can get to the source of the problem. Best of all, they can get you back up and running in less time than you think. Call (540) 942-2700 today.

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