National HVAC Tech Day: Our Top AC Tips

Posted on June 22nd, 2016 by BlueMountain

Today is National HVAC Tech Day! While many take this day to show appreciation for all that their heating and cooling techs do, more than anything, we want to help you understand your complex systems a little better. That’s why we’ve compiled 7 of our top AC tips for the summer:

National HVAC Tech Day

1. Change your air filter every 30 days during the summer months, as a clean air filter will allow fresh air to circulate throughout your home.

2. Make sure the air vents in your home aren’t obstructed by pieces of furniture. This will allow cool air to circulate more easily and reach its intended destination.

3. Install a programmable thermostat to help you cut cooling costs and regulate a comfortable temperature throughout your home without room for debate.

4. Consider having ceiling fans installed in your home to work in conjunction with the efforts of your air conditioning system.

5. Lower cooling costs by opening the windows. This will create a cross breeze when windows on both sides of your home are opened. – enough to cool off your skin and keep you comfortably cool.

6. If you suspect a refrigerant leak, call your local HVAC technician right away to fix and test the problem before your AC stops working all together.

7. Be sure to schedule an air conditioner tune-up. Doing so will ensure that your air conditioner is in tip top shape. It will help you keep your cool all season long!

If your air conditioner is giving you trouble this summer, turn to the professional technicians Blue Mountain Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. Our team is trained and ready to repair leaks, breaks, and complete a proper tune-up. Call 877-280-5777 to schedule service.

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