Let’s face it: when the heat rises, most of us crank the AC. But by overusing your air conditioner, not only can you experience malfunctions, but you also waste a ton of money. Turns out, there are plenty of other natural ways to cool your home. Here are a few you might have not thought about:

Tip #1: Reverse the fan
You may have heard this one before, but have you ever tried it? Adjust your ceiling fan to rotate counterclockwise and set to a higher speed. The fan will create extra airflow in your home, more so than your AC can do for you. The wind-chill effect can naturally cool your home without your needing to crank the air conditioning too high.

Tip #2: Open the windows
We don’t necessarily mean during the daytime (unless it’s overcast), but certainly keeping your windows open at night can help. Sometimes you’ll be surprised that you don’t even need your AC during warm nights to keep you cool – the cross breeze created when you open the windows on both sides of your home is enough to cool off your skin and keep you comfortable.

Tip #3: Swap your sheets
Another way to stay cool during the evenings is to choose the right type of sheets to sleep under. Flannel and fleece blankets are great for bundling up during the winter months, but when the temperatures heat up, grab your cotton sheets instead – a smarter option that allows more air circulation.

Tip #4: Grill more
That’s right! By cooking outdoors, you won’t need your oven or stovetop. And if you’re using these appliances, your kitchen (and your entire home) will feel several degrees cooler. Besides, summers wouldn’t be complete without a cookout!

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