New Homeowners: How To Avoid Plumbing Pitfalls

Posted on November 27th, 2017 by BlueMountain

Would you rather come home to a flooded basement that now needs new flooring, carpeting, and sheetrock, or to a water heater showing signs of rust? I think we can all agree that most homeowners would prefer the latter. Small plumbing problems may seem like nothing at first, but these small drips and cracks can cause major problems if left untreated. That’s why when it comes to caring for your home, it’s best to live by the adage, “the best defense is a good offense.”

leaking pipe

Protect your house from these three plumbing pitfalls before they cause serious damage.

A leaky toilet.

The lavatory, loo, porcelain throne, netty, latrine, and toilet — whatever you call it, it’s responsible for one of the most common plumbing problems in homes. If you suspect you have a leaking toilet, place a few drops of food coloring into the toilet’s tank and leave it to sit overnight. If the coloring has traveled to your toilet bowl by morning, you have a small leak. But because you caught it early, this repair will only cost you a few dollars now as opposed to a few hundred dollars in a year.

Rising tub water.

It can be tempting to ignore the rising water during your shower, especially if it’s just an inch or two. But water in your tub (when you’re not taking a bath, of course) is a sign of a clogged drain. Before you suffer a major blockage, routinely (every other month) flush hot water down your drain. This will break up soap scum and grease. You should also get a drain catcher, which will prevent any hair, soap chunks, and hairpins from falling down the drain.

A burst water heater.

A water heater can last for nearly two decades, so it’s easy to understand why it’s usually forgotten about — that is, until it suddenly cracks and floods your basement. Instead of leaving it to sit unattended for years, have it checked by a certified plumber every few years. Replacing one rusted part will be a lot less expensive than replacing an entire unit (while having to redo your basement, too!).

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