Turkey day is less than a week away! Most people are preparing delectable dishes for the festive celebration. Have you prepared your plumbing system for Thanksgiving? Probably not. If you properly prep your pipes for Thanksgiving, it will give you something else to be thankful for! Below are some helpful tips that will help your plumbing system get through the holiday.

The Kitchen
After you are done eating a delicious Thanksgiving meal, the last thing you want to do is the dishes. However, moments later, you find yourself with a sponge in hand. It can be so tempting to just toss leftover food scraps down the garbage disposal. Food should never make its way down the drain, as it can cause a clog. In particular, grease and oil are very detrimental to your pipes.

The Bathroom
If you are hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year, it is likely that you will have a lot of relatives over. With the traditional amount of people at your house, there will be extra usage of your bathroom. We receive a lot of calls about clogged drains on Thanksgiving and the day after. However, there are ways to prevent this. For one, teach little ones what they cana and cannot flush down the toilet. If your toilet does get a clog, call (540) 942-2700. The pros at Blue Mountain can clear things up for you in no time!

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