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Posted on July 9th, 2014 by BlueMountain

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Water is the essence of all life. Everyone should have access to clean water. In the United States, it is not a big concern because it is assumed that our drinking water is safe. Since our drinking water looks and tastes great, people do not question it. However, there is more than meets the eye. In fact, most water treatment plants add fluoride to water. If you are not using some sort of water purification system, there is a greater chance that your water is not as pure as it could and should be. At Blue Mountain, our number one concern is the safety and health of our customers. When it comes to the water in your home–the water you use to drink; we believe it should be the best quality available. We can help you improve the quality of your water by installing a water purification system that best suits your home and lifestyle. 

Here at Blue Mountain, we have water softeners, water conditioners, whole house filtration and drinking water systems to purify your water. Our expert plumbers can help you decipher which option would be the most functional for your particular home. Regardless of which one you choose, you and your family will reap the benefits of a water purification system. First off, you will have soft water, not hard water. Hard water has a high concentration of minerals. Over time, a buildup of minerals can reek havoc on your pipes and plumbing system as a whole. Therefore, it is not surprising that water purification systems help decrease the amount and severity of plumbing problems. Purified water is healthier than bottled or tap water. Better drinking water will improve your overall health and well-being. Since we have so many water treatment options, there is something for everyone.  If you want to avoid plumbing issues in the future and healthier drinking water in your home, contact us today!


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