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Posted on January 24th, 2019 by BlueMountain

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Football fan or not, Super Sunday is almost here, and for most of us that means getting together with friends and family to watch the big game. In fact, 46% of people in the US plan to watch football’s top game at a friend’s home or host a game-time get-together themselves. If you are one of the football fanatics that are getting ready to host, we urge you to add annual boiler maintenance to your list of pre- game to-dos!

Annual boiler maintenance is extremely important, even in a more moderate climate like here in Harrisonburg, VA. In addition to keeping your home heating equipment in top performing shape, the yearly check in from an HVAC professional has numerous other benefits:

  • Avoiding Penalty Flags – Most boiler warranties come with a caveat that annual maintenance must be performed for the warranty to stay valid. If you fail to perform annual maintenance by a licensed professional your warranty will be voided.
  • Contract Extensions – Just like an NFL player, the better your boiler performs the longer it will stay on the team’s roster. Annual boiler maintenance extends the operating life of your equipment.
  • Going Pro – Having a licensed, certified and insured HVAC technician inspect and tune up your boiler is the best choice for keeping your home warm and comfortable – without untimely interruptions – throughout the colder months. A licensed technician has been trained and certified to service home boilers, and they know what to tune up, what to look out for and what to replace or repair.
  • Cheerleaders – A properly maintained boiler will produce warmer air, keeping you and your family warmer and more comfortable. And who isn’t a fan of that during cold Virginia winters?
  • Scoring A Safety – Heating your home with a system that has not been properly maintained can be dangerous. Carbon monoxide poisoning effects approximately 4,000 people every year (click here to learn more about the risks of carbon monoxide). Book annual maintenance to score safe heat!
  • For The Win – Top performance doesn’t just happen, and neither does peace of mind. Book your boiler maintenance to know that you and your family will have warm, dependable and safe heat all season long.

Book your annual boiler maintenance now and ensure that an unexpected home heating issue doesn’t cause a delay of game during Super Sunday’s festivities. Call Blue Mountain at 877-280-5777 or click here to schedule your boiler maintenance online.

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