Tell-Tale Signs You Need A New Water Heater

Posted on October 9th, 2015 by BlueMountain

If this fall is going to be like last fall, we are in for some cold temperatures! This means you will probably be relying more on your water heater to stay warm. If your water heater is on the fritz, it is better to replace it before it breaks down. Below are some tell-tale signs that you need a new water heater.

Age Matters
Like any other appliance in your home, water heaters have a life expectancy. Water heaters that are 10 years or older are usually due for a replacement.

Rust in the Water
Have you noticed rust in your water? If so, this is not normal. It means that the interior of the water heater is rusting and may start to leak water.

There should not be any water around or near your water heater. If there is, you have a leak on your hands. Keep in mind that a leaky water heater can cause water damage to your home.

Is there a rumbling noise coming from your water heater? It is trying to tell you that something is wrong! The noise you are hearing is due to sediment build up on the bottom of the tank.

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