The Benefits of Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures

Posted on May 4th, 2018 by BlueMountain

When it comes to choosing your plumbing fixtures, the style and design aspect is usually the first thing on our mind. But faucets, shower heads, and toilets are designed with much more in mind than just good looks. Plumbing services in Waynesboro Virginia

Here’s why you should consider purchasing low-flow plumbing fixtures for your home.

They Save Water, Energy, and Money!


Toilets now include a half flush option for liquid waste and a full flush option for solid waste. They are now also designed with a wider drainage passage, helping reduce clogs. So compared to a traditional toilet, low-flow toilets now use half the amount of water, which means half the amount of energy and money!


Low-flow showerheads are at its peak. The most energy-efficient and cost-effective model has a flow rate of less than 2.0 GPM. You can invest in the Laminar-flow showerhead, which forms streams of water with a more accurate temperature control. There’s also an aerating shower head, with mixes water with air forming a misty type of water spray.


Old sinks aren’t worth it! Newer, high-efficiency sinks use less than 1.5 GPM. You can also install an aerator to an older sink as an easy and more inexpensive modification that will still help you save money over time!

Low-flow plumbing fixtures are just one way to save water in your household. If you need other ways to go green, check out our blog.

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