Tips For Purchasing A New Air Conditioner

Posted on April 24th, 2015 by BlueMountain

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It is no secret that summers in Virginia can be downright hot and humid. Homeowners do whatever they can to keep their cool. If your current air conditioner is on the fritz, spring is the perfect time of year to purchase a new air conditioning system. Below are some tips that will help you find the perfect air conditioner for your particular home.
Choose A Type Of Air Conditioner
Since there are a few types of air conditioners on the market today, it is important to settle on a type that suits your needs. There are window air conditioners, which are meant to cool a single room. There are central air conditioners, which can cool an entire house. A ductless mini split air conditioner can cool your entire home without duct work.

Consider Energy Efficiency
Are you jumping on the ‘go green’ bandwagon? If so, it is important to choose an energy efficient air conditioner. If you want the most energy efficient air conditioner on the market, choose an A/C unit with a SEER rating of 15 to 17. 

Size Matters
When it comes to air conditioners, size matters. An air conditioner should always be proportionate to the size of your home. An air conditioner that is too large for your home will end up wasting energy and result in high utility bills. Conversely, an air conditioner that is too small for your home will not be able to effectively cool your home. 

Once you’ve found the perfect air conditioning system for your home, you’ll need a reputable HVAC company to install it. That’s a no brainer–choose Blue Mountain. We’re not your average heating and cooling company.  And, the guys coming into your home are not your average HVAC technicians. They’re nice guys. They’ll take care of you and your home. Call 877-280-5777 today to schedule an appointment.

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