Water Heater Safety Tips

Posted on January 22nd, 2016 by BlueMountain

Your water heater is an important appliance in your house. It is especially important in the wintertime. When utilizing your water heater, it is important to keep the safety tips below in mind.


  • Your water heater should be proportional to the size of your home.
  • Set your water heater to 120 degrees in the wintertime.
  • Do not set your water heater higher than 120 degrees. If you do, you increase the risk of scalding your hands.
  • Remember to flush your water heater at least once a year. Doing so will get rid of sediment buildup within the tank.
  • Give your water heater some space. Do not put any combustible or flammable materials near your water heater.
  • If you are going on vacation, your water heater should be set to a low setting.
  • Never let children play near water heaters.
  • Have your water heater serviced and maintained annually by a professional plumber.

We hope that the tips listed above help you and your family stay safe this season. Do you suspect that your water heater might be unsafe? If so, turn to Blue Mountain Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for a repair. Our techs are great at troubleshooting the problem. Call 877-280-5777 to schedule service. 

Web Source: http://www.dllr.state.md.us/labor/safety/boilhw.shtml
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