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Your furnace makes a lot of strange noises. Some are normal, but some can indicate an issue that requires a repair or replacement. Here are a few common furnace noises and how to tell the difference.

If you hear a metal-hitting sound it’s either coming from a loose or broken blower wheel or a broken motor mount.

Vibrating sounds (or thumping) occurs from an unbalanced blower wheel.

If your furnace seems to be functioning properly, but you hear a constant humming noise, you most likely have a loud transformer. This can be related to a bad interior fan.

If the noise you hear is less like a soft hum and more like a high-pitched squeal, this may be due to a loose fan belt. Applying oil or tightening your blower belt should stop this noise from continuing.

The start-stop cycle of your furnace fan can make the metal sheet bend inward, which is why you hear a banging or popping sound. This may mean you have an undersized duct, closed vent, or a clogged filter.

Do you hear rattling or rumbling noises coming from your system? You may have debris or loose screws!

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