Aside from relaxing with good friends, family, and stuffing our faces with delicious food, Thanksgiving is also a time to reflect and be thankful. One thing that made our list this year? Our plumbing!

  1. Washing clothes is way easier. We have the luxury of having a machine wash our clothes instead of hand washing it ourselves outside.
  2. We have running water to cook dinner. Next time you’re making a meal (which will probably be on Thanksgiving Day), count how many times you turn on your faucet. Between cooking and cleaning, we bet you’ll be surprised!
  3. Single-use bath water. It wasn’t that long ago that showers and bathtubs were not common in homes — ask your grandparents this holiday season!
  4. Bathrooms! Having a room, with a door, and a window to go to the bathroom in sure does beat an outhouse!
  5. Our jobs! We are thankful every day for the opportunity to do what we love. If you ever are in need of a plumber in the Harrisonburg area, you can count on us!

We are also thankful for our HVAC systems, our customers, and our team! What’s on your list this Thanksgiving?

For more tips on or for other home improvement/comfort tricks, contact Blue Mountain Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. With us, your comfort is our number one priority. So if you need an experienced plumber in Harrisonburg, Waynesboro, and Staunton, choose Blue Mountain Plumbing, Heating and Cooling! Visit our website or Call (540) 942-2700 to schedule a service or repair.

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