Why You Should Steer Clear of Store Bought Drain Cleaners

Posted on February 13th, 2015 by BlueMountain

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No one wishes for a clogged drain. They always seem to pop up at the most inconvenient time. You may be tempted to run to the local hardware store and buy liquid drain cleaner. Yes, some of the over-the-counter drain cleaners will fix your problem…temporarily. Store bought drain cleaners ultimately end up doing more harm than good. Below are some reasons why you should steer clear of liquid drain cleaners.

The chemicals in store bought drain cleaners can be toxic. The fumes from these drain cleaners are detrimental to your health.
Drain cleaners are intended to clean your pipes. Ironically, liquid drain cleaners are actually eating away at your plumbing fixtures.
Store bought drain cleaners are harmful to the environment.  
If you have a broken pipe and don’t know it, a drain cleaner will actually make the problem worse. In some cases, a inexpensive quick fix backfires and results in an even costlier job.

If you encounter a clogged drain in your home, turn the pros at Blue Mountain! We have the latest drain clearing technology to take care of the greasiest, dirtiest, sludgiest packed clog you can imagine.  We can even cut through tree roots and collapsed Main Sewer Lines. Best of all, we guarantee our work 100%. Call 877-280-5777 to schedule an appointment. 

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