Blue Mountain Service is your go-to boiler experts. Our techs know the ins and outs of boilers. From repair to installation to maintenance, this expertise and knowledge ensure you get the best service possible. We won’t accept anything less from our team when they step into your home.

How Residential Boilers Work

Small residential boilerResidential boilers use heating oil, propane or natural gas to produce hot water or steam. They are either condensing or non-condensing. Modern boilers are much smaller and more efficient than older models. If you haven’t used a modern boiler in your home, it may be time to upgrade. This will save you money on heating costs well into the future.

Boilers are an effective way to heat a home. They provide radiant heat by warming objects in a room compared to a forced air furnace, which simply warms the air in a room. The objects in the room then absorb that heat slower, making the furnace work harder to keep you comfortable. Many prefer boilers because they feel warmer in a room, especially during winter.

Why Do Boilers Stop Working?

Just like other components of your heating system, boilers will stop working for a variety of reasons. Electrical components might stop working, such as your thermostat. If unnecessary air enters the system or low water pressure occurs, your boiler may not be able to move water to radiate heat. Extremely cold weather can make it harder for a boiler to work. This makes maintenance even more crucial in much colder climates.

Blue Mountain Boiler ServicesBuderus boiler in basement

Blue Mountain Service offers the following boiler services and more, depending on the type of boiler installed. Here is what to expect when we visit to look at your boiler: 

Gas Boilers

  • Pull the burners out and clean them.
  • Inspect the electrical system and verify it’s working to specification.
  • Inspect the circulator pump.

Oil Boilers

  • Change the nozzle and oil filter while checking the burner assembly and cleaning it up.
  • Inspect the electrical system and verify it’s working to specification.
  • Inspect smokestack and clean if necessary.

When you work with Blue Mountain Service, you’ll get prompt, friendly, professional service guaranteed. We’ll get your boiler repairs, and maintenance tackled fast the first time – we guarantee it.

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