White mini-split ductless AC unit installed on wall

Mini-splits are single room heating and cooling systems that allow you to change the temperature in a single room or space without affecting the temperature in the entire house. These units are ductless and extremely easy to incorporate into existing construction – they just require an exterior wall and a 3″ hole!

Our mini-split systems are made of two main components — an outdoor compressor/condenser along with an indoor air-handling unit which is controlled in most cases by remote control or wall thermostat. There is a small unit on the inside and the outside of the wall. These are especially handy for addon rooms and enclosed porches or offices/shops that need some temperature control but have limited space for ductwork or tying it into existing ductwork would be cost and feasibility prohibitive.

Mini-split heat pumps can also be a solution for whole home or new constructions as well as good retrofit add-ons for old or historical homes with “non-ducted” heating systems. They can also assist with hydronic heat, radiant floor heat, or rooms where you have to use a space heater. Some energy-efficient new homes may only require a small space conditioning system.

Blue Mountain Plumbing, Heating & Cooling installs mini-split units all over Shenandoah County and neighboring areas. There are many reasons why these units are a great option for homes and businesses in our area – so give us a call to discuss the options!