What Happens During an HVAC Tune-Up?

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What Happens During an HVAC Tune-Up?

An HVAC tune-up includes inspecting the furnace and air conditioning system inside and out. From there, it’s cleaned up, getting dust, debris, and other particles out of the unit. Finally, any service that needs to be done to get your HVAC system up and running correctly will be performed or scheduled for the future.

Blue Mountain Service will inspect your HVAC system to ensure every aspect of the tune-up makes a positive impact on what you feel is blowing through your home year-round. Our technicians are trained to find hard-to-see issues and correct them to get your AC or furnace running smoothly. We’ll treat your air conditioner and furnace like we treat our own.

You can view our HVAC tune-up checklist here to see how important it is that Blue Mountain Service checks every aspect of your home’s system. We use this checklist to ensure problems are identified and fixed without requiring multiple trips to your home.

HVAC Tune-up FAQ

If you’re having an immediate issue with your HVAC system, don’t try to troubleshoot it yourself. Simple things like changing your thermostat batteries or replacing your furnace filter are easy steps anybody can do. Beyond that, call Blue Mountain Service today and get it fixed. You may do more harm than good trying to figure it out. Let us handle the heavy lifting and avoid any additional issues.

Most homeowners schedule this at the end of summer/early fall. Typically, this ensures the system is primed for winter and ready for the following summer.

Many manufacturers’ warranties require annual maintenance. Missing HVAC tune-ups may void that warranty. Check with the manual that came with your HVAC system to determine what you’re required to do as the owner to ensure your warranty is valid.

After your AC, furnace, and HVAC system are tuned up, it’ll perform more efficiently than before. You’ll notice increased airflow immediately. You may smell some burn-off from dust and particles for 15 to 20 minutes after first use after a tune-up as the rest of what was kicked off is blown through the system.

An AC or furnace tune-up should be done by Blue Mountain Service. Our technicians are trained to look for issues and fix them during the process. The average homeowner is not. We may see things you don’t, or you may end up causing more harm than good by trying to do it yourself. Call us in to avoid calling us to fix a more significant issue.

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