Can you imagine going to bed in the middle of the summer without an air conditioner or in the cold of winter without any heat? We would all be a little less comfortable and a little more cranky without our HVAC systems and the professionals who install and maintain them.

Let’s take a glimpse into what our talented technicians do on a daily basis.

What’s a Typical Day for an HVAC Technician?

1. Their work schedules vary.
Our technicians come to work and organize the tasks they have committed for the day. Everyone’s schedules vary, but typically they will start their days with HVAC repairs. We’re available 7 days a week, but anything can happen overnight, so we make sure we do our repairs early in the morning to ensure our customers comfort throughout the day.

2. There’s no standard, daily duties.
The number of appointments we receive each day changes. So, one day our techs could be called to install and set up an HVAC system and another day they could perform small jobs like maintenance services.

3. They have additional responsibilities.
Even though an HVAC technician plans out their job route in the morning, anything can come up that changes their schedule that day. Sometimes there’s an emergency that calls for their help or maybe someone needs help on a job site. It can get hectic and overwhelming at times, but typically if you’re a technician, you like the hard work.

HVAC Technician Job Opportunities at Blue Mountain

If you’re interested in a job at Blue Mountain Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, fill out our Employment Application and Authorization for Release of Information. To learn more about our company, contact the professionals at Blue Mountain today!

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