Hearing strange noises in your home? While some sounds can be ignored entirely, there are plenty of others that you should be frightened of because of the scary repair bill that will most likely follow.

High-Pitched Squeals

If you happen to hear high-pitches around your house, this could mean there is a part moving around in your furnace or air conditioner that shouldn’t be. And the longer you wait for a repair, the greater the chance of a smaller issue becoming a much larger one!

Electrical Humming

Humming or buzzing sounds usually means a wire has come loose from your outlet or switch. Usually, this also means that the switch or outlet will also be warm to the touch. A loose wire can be easily fixed, but still, only by a professional.

Banging or Thumping

If you happen to hear banging or thumping, this is usually coming from your piping system. The banging or thumping noise happens when water changes direction or comes to a sudden halt in your pipes. If you want the noise to stop, a professional plumber can come in and handle the situation in no time.

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