The Hard Truth About Water Softeners

Posted on June 26th, 2017 by BlueMountain

Did you know that roughly 85 percent of homes in America depend on hard water supply? Hard water contains excess amounts of minerals or metals, which can create a variety of issues for your home. The solution — water softeners! But that’s not all they do. Read on to learn about the many other benefits water softeners have on your home.

The Hard Truth About Water Softeners | Plumbers | Staunton | Blue Mountain

Cleaner dishes. Do your dishes have a streaky, soapy residue even after you put them through the dishwasher? Softer water makes rinsing soap away a breeze — no more water spots on glassware! Added bonus — soft water also reduces the amount of soap you need for cleaning, which means lower

Softer hair and skin. Hard water tends to dry out your hair and skin; and just like your dishes, it can also leave a sticky residue. With soft water, you’ll walk out of the shower feeling clean and refreshed.

Hotter and faster water. Soft water heats up quicker than hard water. In fact, soft water can increase your water heater efficiency by 22 percent!

Clearer plumbing. Just like your dishwasher and shower, your pipes, faucets, and showerheads can become clogged as well. Softer water means less repair calls to your local plumber!

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