Heat Pump Repair near Harrisonburg, VA

Posted on February 3rd, 2019 by BlueMountain

Woman Under Blanket on Couch | Furnace Repair Waynesboro | Heating Repair StauntonHave you been experiencing issues with your home’s heat pump system? Booking a heat pump repair service at the first sign of an issue is the best way to ensure your home heating system stays up and running, especially during cold Virginia Januarys.

There are numerous reasons for calling in a home heating technician to deal with any heat pump issues as soon as possible, including:

  • Cost – Think of your home’s heat pump like your car’s brakes. If you fix your brakes at the first sign of a squeaking or grinding noise the repair will cost a lot less. You’ll most likely just have to replace your brake pads. The same holds true for your heat pump. If you call in an HVAC professional to repair your system at the first sign of a heating issue they will most likely have a minor repair to complete. You’ll pay less than you would if you wait until the issue becomes more serious and far-reaching.
  • No Heat – It’s cold! With temperatures as low as they have been, going without heat is just not an option. Waiting until your system finally breaks down is not comfortable and also puts your home at risk for other damages, such as frozen pipes. Having your heat pump repaired as soon as you notice that something isn’t quite right will help to keep your heating system operating 24/7, and your home safe and warm around-the-clock all winter long.
  • Repair vs. Replace – Annual maintenance paired with early-on system repairs will keep your heat pump running more efficiently for longer. Having your system tuned-up each season not only keeps the pump running at its best, it also allows for a professional to evaluate the system, troubleshoot any minor problems and fix any small matters before they become big (and costly) headaches. This simple combination of tune up + repairs will keep your system excelling while prolonging its life, pushing out the need for a heat pump replacement for years to come.
  • Safety – Carbon monoxide leaks from home heating systems and freezing winter temperatures are real threats to you and your family’s safety. And between these two dangers, necessary heat pump repairs that go unscheduled can create a dangerous environment in your home. Carbon monoxide is responsible for 450 deaths in the US each year*. And on nights that have freezing temperatures, babies, toddlers and senior citizens are at a serious risk if they are without heat.

Don’t wait until a simple heat pump repair turns into a major HVAC project. Contact Blue Mountain today. We will have a professional, licensed and insured HVAC technician out to your home to quickly and effectively repair your system issues in no time. Plus, save $20 off of any heating service between now and March 31st. Click here for that coupon and more great savings.

*stat from https://wtkr.com/2018/08/17/virginia-its-time-to-replace-expiring-carbon-monoxide-alarms/

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