Why Can’t You Pour Grease Down The Drain?

Posted on May 25th, 2018 by BlueMountain

“Don’t throw grease down the sink!”

Cooked bacon rasher in a frying pan

We’ve all heard this at some point before, but why exactly can’t we do this?

Let’s break it down…

No FOG Down The Drain

Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) come from many things you have in your kitchen, like butter and margarine, meat, dairy products, cooking oil, and salad dressings.

So what’s the issue? Why can’t you throw these products down the drain? When you place oil or grease down the drain, it hardens and causes your pipes to clog. This ends up leading to your sewer which can actually end up back into your home or lawn.

So, not only can it cause serious health issues, it also causes very expensive problems you can easily prevent.

Here’s how to properly dispose of grease…

Once you are done cooking, allow the grease to harden in your pots or pans. Once it has hardened, scrape as much as you can out of the pot and throw it in the trash can (don’t worry if a little excess grease ends up in the sink).

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